Autumn is upon us in Shrewsbury, NJ, and it won’t be long before we have ice and snow to contend with. To make sure you’ll be able to get around reliably and safely in the colder months to come, have your car serviced by the expert technicians at Circle Hyundai. Our factory-trained mechanics know all about fall service for your car, and we have compiled some things that West Long Branch drivers should consider when readying their vehicles for winter.

Fall Service Tips

  • Brakes: Your brakes need more stopping power to avoid accidents on snow-packed roads in Red Bank. Our team can inspect your brakes and service them. If the brake pads are worn, we can replace them.
  • Tires: Tire pressure drops when the temperature in Ashbury Park plummets. If your tires are bulging or balding, your car could slip or slide on icy streets. We carry a wide variety of tires at Circle Hyundai, so we’re sure to have some winter tires that fit your car.
  • Wiper Blades: Your vehicle’s wiper blades may have cracked or degraded from keeping your windshield clean from rains all summer. To avoid poor visibility in the fall and winter, Middletown, NJ drivers can have them replaced at our dealership.
  • Battery: Your car may be harder to start when the mercury dips in Freehold. We can replace your weak battery with one that has more cold-cranking amps for easier starts this winter.
  • Heater: You won’t be comfortable driving around in Tinton Falls, NJ if your heater doesn’t work. The skilled technicians at Circle Hyundai can repair or replace your heater for safer, more enjoyable drives this winter.
  • Radiator/antifreeze: If your radiator isn’t functioning properly, or you don’t have enough antifreeze, your engine block could freeze and crack in frigid weather. The team at Circle Hyundai can flush your radiator and make sure it has the correct water/antifreeze mixture to protect your car.

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These are just a few things that Neptune, NJ drivers can have checked at Circle Hyundai for safer, more enjoyable driving this winter. Contact us to schedule fall service today.

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