Many people near West Long Branch drive with a chipped windshield. However, it's never a good idea to drive with a chipped windshield, as it could spell danger when traversing notorious Asbury Park potholes.

As a result, Circle Hyundai would like to explain the importance of windshield safety.

Simple Chips May Lead to Windshield Cracks

Our roughened Shrewsbury roads may turn a small chip into a crack if it's not repaired in due time.

As well, if the windshield is exposed to extreme temperatures, a crack can get even bigger. Glass tends to expand when exposed to heat. And cold air can cause glass to shrink, this "push-and-pull" leading to expanded cracks.

Chips Collect Debris, Dirt

Near Red Bank, dirt and dust will likely find a proverbial home in a small windshield chip. And this can make it harder for a Circle Hyundai technician to repair the chip. So, it's best to have that chip repaired as soon as possible.

Impaired Vision

Being able to see is one element to safe driving through Middletown. Even if the chip is small, you're still at higher risk for getting into an accident given a windshield left to a small chip.

Chips May Prevent Airbags From Deploying

With accidents outside Freehold, airbags have helped save lives.

However, if a windshield is chipped, the airbag may not deploy. The structural integrity of your vehicle must be intact for the airbag to deploy. A chipped windshield therefore compromises structural integrity and safety.

And with a chip turning to a web-like array of cracks, your windshield may collapse altogether along a winding, Tinton Falls road.

Circle Hyundai – Repairing Windshields Daily Near Neptune, NJ

Visit with us and get that chipped windshield fixed before it becomes a larger, more costly problem.

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