While summer can seem like a time when your car doesn’t need the same level of care as the winter season, the heat from long summer days can actually affect a number of vehicle systems just as much as cold weather can. With just a little preparation, and a quick visit to Circle Hyundai, you can have your Hyundai ready for that weekend road trip around Shrewsbury NJ or the hottest days summer can send your way.

Summer Engine Care

Dispersing heat becomes a challenge for your engine when the ambient temperature rises near 100 degrees. Anything you can do to keep your engine from running too hot will help its current performance and its future longevity. Topping up your coolant level helps your radiator to be at maximum efficiency. It doesn’t hurt to get an oil change if you’re due, either as fresh oil keeps your engine from working harder than it needs to, reducing heat-causing friction. An engine inspection catches low fluid levels and other signs of impending trouble, like fraying belts and splitting hoses.

Your battery can really run into trouble on hot days because excessive heat speeds up the chemical processes occurring inside of it, causing it to burn out more quickly. A quick battery fitness test can let you know if your aging battery still has the power to start your vehicle on the hottest days in West Long Branch. Air conditioning is vital on those hot and oppressive days. Your technician can investigate any issues that might be standing in the way of a crisp, cold cabin, like low refrigerant or problems with your condenser.

Tire Care

Tires run into all kinds of trouble in the heat, from traction issues to blowouts. If you’ve been rotating your tires regularly, you’ll avoid weak spots that can blow out on hot pavement. Switching to a set of summer tires can improve your grip on hot roads. Your brakes can also overheat when using them on long stretches. Promptly getting care for brake pads and fluid will keep you stopping on a dime.

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