Servicing your vehicle is important when you want it to perform its best. Our experts at Circle Hyundai offer Asbury Park drivers the maintenance needed throughout their time of ownership. Power steering fluid is important for your vehicle but is often overlooked. We want to answer some of the common questions for the information you need about your vehicle!


How Often Should Your Power Steering Fluid be Changed?

There is a lot of conflicting information about replacing your power steering fluid near Middletown, NJ. You'll find information saying it should be changed every 75,000 to 100,000 miles, while others will say it needs to be changed every two years.

The best choice is to find somewhere between these estimates to replace your power steering fluid. Coming to our dealership allows our experts to inspect your vehicle and provide a more exact estimate of how often you should change your power steering fluid.


What Does Power Steering Fluid Do?

Power steering fluid goes through the hydraulic power steering pump to control your steering system. Dirty power steering fluid is more abrasive and can ruin the seals on your vehicle, which could lead to expensive replacements for your vehicle. Choosing our service center near West Long Branch can avoid any larger repairs.


Does Every Car Have Power Steering Fluid?

Some newer cars near Red Bank don't use hydraulic pumps for power steering but use an electric power steering assist system. Electric systems use a motor to power the system and don't use power steering fluid. Our service experts in the Freehold region will work with you to see if your vehicle needs power steering fluid.

We've helped many Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls, and Neptune, NJ drivers keep their Hyundai running its best, and we want you to be next!

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