New Hyundai vehicles at Circle Hyundai in Shrewsbury, NJ, are sold without a spare tire but include a Hyundai Tire Mobility Kit. It won't provide a permeant fix, but it will help you get back on the road in Asbury Park so that you can bring the car to our Tinton Falls, NJ, service center or your mechanic near West Long Branch and Red Bank for proper care. Note: The mobility kit will not successfully repair sidewall punctures.

Kit Contents

Familiarizing yourself with the contents of the kit will make repairs easier. Every kit includes:

  • User manual
  • Speed restriction notice
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Bottle of sealant
  • Filling hose to connect the tire and sealant
  • Air compressor pump and hose
  • Housing for the sealant bottle
  • Cable to connect the compressor to a power source
  • Screwcap to reduce tire pressure

Steps to Repair a Flat Tire Using the Tire Mobility Kit

Always make sure your car is located at a safe distance from traffic and on an even surface before you start repairing your tire.

  • Attach the connection hose to the sealant bottle, ensuring the cap is completely closed.
  • Unscrew the valve cap on the deflated tire's wheel and attach the filling hose. Insert the sealant bottle into the housing unit with the compressor turned off.
  • Plug the compressor's power cord into the power outlet in your Hyundai vehicle.
  • Start the engine and turn the compressor on, letting it run for approximately five to seven minutes while the sealant fills the tire. Stay clear of the tire during this time. There's no need to worry about the tire pressure at this point.
  • After seven minutes, turn the compressor off and disassemble the kit.
  • Using the included tire gauge, check the tire pressure. Do not drive the car if there is less than 29 PSI. If the gauge shows a tire pressure reading of 29 PSI or more, drive the car on a smooth surface for about 10 minutes at speeds between 12-50 mph to distribute the sealant.

If you feel any unfamiliar vibrations or noises, pull off the road and call roadside assistance. If you don't experience any problems, you're safe to drive to your destination. Bring your car to our dealership's service center near Freehold and Neptune, NJ, to have the tire inspected and repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage or an accident on the road in Middletown, NJ.

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