Over the past 20 years, you might have heard about the Hyundai Hope on Wheels Program (HHOW), which all Hyundai dealerships throughout the country participate in. Since its inception in 1998, the HHOW Program is dedicated to fight against pediatric cancer and a to help benefit the lives of children all throughout the country who suffer from different cancers. When you finance a new Hyundai model form here at Circle Hyundai, you will not only invest in a fantastic and reliable new car, you will be investing in treatments for pediatric cancer and hope for a brighter future for our children everywhere. Learn more about the Hyundai Hope on Wheels program and check out our new inventory here at Circle Hyundai to find your next Hyundai sedan, crossover SUV, or hatchback model. Our dealership is located right here in Shrewsbury, NJ, just 21 minutes outside of Ashbury Park and we are proudly serving the Red Bank area as well!

A Helping Hand for Those in Need!

Treatment of pediatric cancers has increased exponentially in the past few decades, with survivability rates increasing up to 80 percent since 1950, but many children throughout the country continue to suffer. While treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation have made great progress, their side-effects can be much more harmful to children. Despite all of this, only a small percentage of federal funding for cancer is devoted to pediatric research, which is why charities like HHOW exist to help provide hope to children everywhere. After all, our children are our future and our most precious resource!

Through contributions from Freehold shoppers like you, HHOW can increase funding into research and development of new cancer treatments through grant and scholarship aid to scientific research. Thanks to HHOW, scientists throughout the United States have received more than 780 research grants in the past couple decades with 68 more grants awarded last year and 280 more to be awarded in the future! In addition to research, your contributions through financing a new Hyundai model from our Shrewsbury, NJ Hyundai dealership go to charitable contributions and awareness raising at local children's hospitals. You might notice a prominent symbol of this awareness when you see Hyundai cars sporting multicolored handprints. Why the handprints? Well, when HHOW visits these children's hospitals, we hold a little ceremony to help celebrate milestones of children who suffer from pediatric cancer, whether it is completion of chemotherapy, hair regrowth following chemo, or even complete remission! The handprints are a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow for children everywhere!

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When you test drive and finance a new Hyundai model through Circle Hyundai, you are not only financing a quality car, you are gaining peace of mind knowing that your contribution is helping build a better cancer-free future for children all throughout the country Ask about the Hyundai Hope on Wheels Program when you come test drive a new Hyundai model from Circle Hyundai in Shrewsbury, NJ, we are proudly serving the good folks of West Long Branch!

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